The World of Comics in the Modern Age


There is no denying that comics are an artistic way of story telling and a part of our country’s culture. Comics have been around since the 1830s but didn’t get popular till 1933 when the first modern comics book Funny Funnies was released. These was a start of a new way of storytelling which would later evolved into popular collator items and reading materials such as the comics strips, graphic novel, superhero comics, Japanese manga and more. But as we enter the 21st century, traditional printing becomes a bit of a dying art as technology evolves. So how does the use of modern day technology such as the Internet affect the rich, vast comic book culture we know?

For on thing, comics are images that tell a story in many different formats, from comics’ strips to gag comics and even books. As the twentieth came to an end, comics began to evolve. Dark themes and anti-heroes became a popular trend for the comics and comics such as Watchman and Batman became very popular. And with the rise of technology in the twenty-first century, self-publishing became more common with the use of websites such as Amazon and computers tables. Along with the rise of self-publishing, the Internet introduced a new way of sharing comics to the world: Web comics.

Web comics are comics that are posted on a websites and are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and most of the sites are free, making it very easy to access and for the artiest to gain an audience. The comics on the websites range from comics strips to full graphic novels as well as cover many genes, styles and subjects including sci-fi, anime, superhero, slasher horror, political comedy, and countless others. On the Internet, the possibilities are endless.


If successful enough, Web comics can get published by the author or a company into traditional printed books, magazines and newspapers and sold into stores to make greater profit and a bigger audience. Examples of printed web comics included: MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie, Digger by Urssula Vernon and the ever so popular One Punch Man by One.

With the technology of the 21 first centuries, comics are easier to obtain and have become even more popular then ever.




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